Cheeky Guides


Exciting news for students today, as we reveal a new revised Kindle version of The Cheeky Guide To Student Life, a book long out of print and, let’s face it, long in the tooth. cover-revised-small-192x300

No longer will they have to suffer outdated references to Gaye Bykers On Acid and Supermuff, as all these have now been replaced with JLS and Adele to reflect the tastes of modern youth. Whole chapters that used to give guidance on the correct use of a quill and inkwell have been expunged to make way for exciting articles on interacting with a computer by wiggling your eyebrows and thinking very hard about Victoria Coren. And we’ve taken out all the pictures to make it easier to read.

This indispensable guide to essay cribbing, lecture avoidance, housemate choosing, hangover cures and washing machine use instruction is still essential for any student, and includes a spotter’s guide to enable identification of the latest models from Hotpoint and Bosch.

It’s only three quid. There’s another recession on after all. You can get it here: