Cheeky Guides
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Can I submit ideas for publication?
You can but bear in mind we are a very small company and only publish new titles when we’ve had too much to drink.

How can I contribute to the Cheeky Guide?
Email us photos (with your details) that you’d like to see included in the next edition of a Cheeky Guide or any reviews (max words 500) for places, people or things you think we’ve missed.

Do you have any paid work available?
Hardly ever. We don’t really get paid ourselves, though we do have a company yacht.

Do you have any voluntary work available?
We occasionally offer short internships for anyone interested in learning how a publishing company shouldn’t be run.

When’s the iPhone/iPad app coming out?
Once the technology is available to accommodate our singular needs. At the moment the ebook format can’t cope with all the pictures and cartoons we use, and the emagazine tools as used by the likes of Wired have no search or proper indexing ability. Also, we’re waiting until iPad 6 is available so you can put your hand inside the book and it comes out all wet.

Why can’t we have information updates in between publishing dates?
We’ll be doing more updates via this website, and our twitter feed has occasional new recommendations and updates on places that have closed in between guide editions being published.