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Cheeky Guide to Student Life

With the exception of a mobile phone, computer and eight tonnes of pasta, ’The Cheeky Guide to Student Life’ is the essential item that no student can afford to be without.

Packed with useful tips, anecdotes, games and advice, this book is a humorous but highly informative whistle-stop tour, taking in everything you’d ever need to know for making the best of your time at university.

Along with chapters on food, housing, finance and politics, the book strays from the beaten path to impart such gems as:

  • how to plagiarise essays
  • the art of sponging from your parents
  • which are the best student societies to join for sex
  • how to get elected in the S.U.
  • hangover cures
  • how to deal with irritating flat-mates
  • what to do at the end of it all should you find yourself with a third in Philosophy and utterly unemployable

Whether you’re still deciding where to go or just two weeks from your finals, this book is an absolute must.

“Don’t make a Bungle of it! … get this book, it’s like the crock of gold at the end of the Rainbow!” – Roy Skelton, the voice of Zippy and George from Rainbow