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The Cheeky Guide to Oxford

“Anyone living in Oxford will like and enjoy the Cheeky Guide” – The Oxford Mail

Thoroughly researched and packed with anecdotes and humour, the Cheeky Guide to Oxford will take you on a roller coaster ride through this world-famous city.

Featuring the usual Cheeky trademarks, the book provides information on the city’s famous music scene, its vast array of drinking establishments, restaurants, shops, museums and shoddy selection of nightclubs.

Peppered with cartoons and illustrations by local artists, this guide really does give an insider’s perspective on Oxford and includes facts about famous movie locations and even a spotter’s guide to local celebrities and eccentrics.

Of course Oxford wouldn’t be the same without the students and the Cheeky Guide includes an A-Z of the many ridiculous University traditions, from tortoise races to hitting Marks and Spencer’s with sticks, as well as providing detailed information, fruity stories and maps to some of the city’s most celebrated colleges.