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Cheeky Guide to Love

Hilarious and irreverent, the Cheeky Guide to Love is a self-help manual for the bewildered twenty-first century lover.

Applying the old adage – ‘the course of true love never did run smooth’ – this book takes the reader through the thorny problems of attracting a partner, falling in love with them, and keeping them from running away (once you’ve let slip your less appealing habits).

It also offers ideas on how to spice up a stag, hen or wedding night, and even how to cope with the heartache of the inevitable divorce ten years later.

In true Cheeky Guide style, this book is packed with humour, cartoons, quizzes, games and photo love stories, and veers from the beaten path to offer advice on:

  • alternative weddings
  • dating tips for the hideously ugly
  • how to bag a mail-order bride
  • the best films for a romantic night in
  • coping with celibacy
  • how to write a ‘Mills and Boon’ novel
  • ‘courting’ tips for the old folk
  • how to wreak revenge on a cheating partner

As a gift between lovers, for those about to wed, the lonely, the dumped or those beyond salvation, the Cheeky Guide to Love promises to resolve all issues of the heart, bringing joy and happiness to all who read it. And failing that it makes a handy-sized missile to be thrown during a lovers’ tiff.

“Hilarious, entertaining and surprisingly useful” – Cosmopolitan